About Philisland

Phil Island Inc.,incorporated in 1987 by its president - Henry Chen, is a global marketer and manufacture of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) with business units in the U.S.A, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Brazil and Indonesia.

We mainly distribute and sell SIS, SBS, SEBS, and TPE, and Our suppliers are Kraton, Dupont Dow, Dupont, Exxon, and Dow Chemical.

We offers the best TPE materials and compound in the industry. The company's best materials are found in products for the consumer, sports and leisure, automotive, appliance, power tool and industrial market segments.

More than 30 years, Phil Island has served many customers in the TPE industry. We will try our best to make it better in the future to serve more customers over the world.

Fulfill Your Requirements and Desires

Phil Island works to reach the requirements of your application and provide suitable material sources. We are willing to help customers around the world make the best products.

Our research and development, augmented by strategic alliances with leading polymer suppliers, gives Phil Island the ability to provide the best TPE compound for any application. When customers requirements are different from our standard products, our well-trained professional development team can formulate custom TPEs that are optimized for the highest performance and value.

Moreover, Phil Island application support helps you take products from concept to production. Call or email us for details and support.

The Best Quality TPE Compounds

Phil Island uses the best material from the world-known manufacturer - "Kraton Polymer" to formulate TPE compound. The performance of our TPE compound is the best in the world by using such a top grade material. All our customers don't have to worry about any quality problem while making products with our TPE compound.

Not only TPE compound but also polymer modifiers and high performance TPE alloys. Customers can count on Phil Island for the best and right material for application needs.

Phil Island's raw materials are good for manufacturing products for daily life such as shoes pad, toys, hand tools, and many more consuming products.

Environment Friendly

Phil Island uses environment friendly materials to formulate TPE compound. All our products can replace PVC and recyclable. It can reduces the pollution to the earth and gives us a clean and beautiful living environment.